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We must explain to you how all seds this mistakens idea off denouncing pleasures and praising pain was born.

I will give you a completed accounts we must explain to you how all seds this mistakes idea off denouncing pleasures and praising pain was born and I will give you a completed accounts.

Times are changing. New spaces constantly arise that include lifestyles not prevalent to popular culture ten, or twenty years ago. Simply put, more people have been given opportunities. These opportunities give society a chance to step away from home, and still be comfortable with the situations and people they encounter.

Lo Cunningham has always had his thumbs around the paradigm shift. Cunningham crafted a name and professional career for himself doing something my mother never allowed me to do on school nights. Lo played video games professionally, Call of Duty being his specialty. Lo had a long and fulfilling career, but he was more than just a player. The Georgia-Florida native used his time to network with new people, learn the business, and get the ball rolling on his own endeavors.

Lo’s gaming career gave birth to Hip-Hop, Anime, & Gaming (H.A.G) Entertainment. H.A.G is a marketing and creative agency dedicated to urban nerd culture. H.A.G is supported by a community of like-minded, diverse individuals. Lo has dedicated himself to bridging certain gaps and putting people with a mutual interest in the same room. The demographic he had in mind is very clear: people who have an interest in hip hop, anime, and gaming.

Cunningham has used our community’s sometimes taboo interest in pop culture: to give those brave enough a chance to relate and connect with each other. H.A.G has an active online community where they offer contests, giveaways, community game nights, anime watch parties, freestyle battles, and more fun activities to build camaraderie. The company is dedicated to uplifting black business owners and creators in the nerd space which is evident in their creation of the Blerd Business NetworkBlerd Business Directory, and Blerd Bash. Lo has had time to nurture his business and ensure the people it interacts with can possess the proper tools and resources needed to make friends, grow their business, share their content, or even volunteer within the group.

With the support of his partner, April Bowler, H.A.G Entertainment has taken a more direct approach. The company has started touring the country to host events dedicated to their audience. So far H.A.G has hosted events in Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, Tampa, and Chicago with their most recent shindig being right in our backyard in Detroit. At the time of this writing, H.A.G already has events scheduled for Philadelphia, Orlando, and a few other surprise locations to close out 2022. The extensive travel has prompted the couple to sell their home and belongings to adopt a more mobile lifestyle as they eagerly wait for their custom RV to be built.

H.A.G got a taste of Detroit when it hosted it’s Blerd Bash at Replay Café, a lounge that is a safe space for gamers of all kinds. The Replay Cafe is home to TV screens, gaming systems, board games, even virtual reality equipment. All dedicated to providing people interested in gaming a safe, and inclusive space to indulge in their hobbies.

The doors of the Blerd Bash opened promptly at 10:00 pm. Ten minutes later the line of entry was down the block, it took another hour to check everyone in so we advise arriving early for future events and definitely buying your tickets ahead of time. However, once inside, all it took was a second to get the party started. The screens were quickly filled with gamers, the floor stacked with dancers, and the building lined with shouts of fellowship and excitement.

The night was long, but Blerd Bashers helped each other get through it. In minutes time, strangers became peers over common interests such as television shows, music, and video games. Hostility only existed within the characters on the screen. Patrons of the Replay Cafe took every opportunity to compliment, support, and learn something new from each other.

There were raffles, dancing, and vendors, but the Blerd Bash’s highlight came from the cosplay contest where participants came dressed up as their favorite fictional characters, and the crowd got to decide the best outfit and performance. From how the dance floor was lined with cosplayers, it could have been fair to assume you’ve spent the night inside a television set. Characters from across anime, video games, and comic books displayed the courage to stand in front of the large crowd and show off their creations.

Many people spent the night in shock, surprised that an event like this is happening, and how it was the first of its kind that they have been to. Philadelphia will be the next city to receive this experience on September 4th. Thank you, Lo and April, for spreading your vision to the city of Detroit. Your hard work has bridged a gap among people and create friendships. Most importantly, it has given a historically ostracized group within our community to feel seen, included, and accepted.


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