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Blerd Bash
2024 Tour

Blerd Bash: A Celebration of

Urban Nerd Culture

A unique blend of hip-hop, anime, and gaming, Blerd Bash brings the electrifying vibes of a nightclub, the comfort of a lounge, and the energy of a house party together for an unforgettable experience. Whether you're gaming, chatting about your favorite anime, or dancing the night away, there's something here for everyone.

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Attendee Testimonials

I had the best time at Blerd Bash. I it was like having the best of both worlds, everything black with anime games and cosplay. It's a vibe! The cosplay contest was fun too! I would definitely go again 💖✨

Sydney B. Philadelphia

The amount of black owned business was refreshing. At least in Chicago the vibes went from chill gaming to sweet party madness at about 10pm. Arrive accordingly and pick your poison. Overall a good experience will definitely be bring someone next time.

Kyle M. Chicago

Blerd Bash is the perfect place to chill if you are a Black Nerd that loves anime, gaming, or nerd culture! You get to make new friends, play video games, chill out and have fun in a festive atmosphere full of cosplaying blerds and even regular nerds having fun!

Evin C. Philadelphia

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